Gain relevant Red Team or Blue Team skills

The field of penetration testing involves authorized auditing and exploitation of systems to assess actual system security in order to protect against attackers. This requires thorough knowledge of vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. We teach an introductory but comprehensive coverage of the fundamental methodologies, skills, legal issues, and tools used in white hat penetration testing, secure system administration, and incident response.

Penetration Testing

Lets Break In.

Learn Red Team skills of host Enumeration, Exploitation and Pillaging. Next we teach how to move mercilessly through the rest of the network and how to hide your tracks.

Incident Response

Something Has Happened.

How can you tell that a compromise has happened, identify the actions of the attacker, the scope of the compromise, the data loss and finally the steps required to get rid of the attacker.

Secure System Administration

System Lock Down.

We teach offensive security. The old mantra offence is the best defence really works. Once a student learns Red Team skills they automatically are more effective in learning and applying Blue Team techniques.

Embedded Device Exploitation

Pry them wide open.

No Industry believes in Security through Obscurity like the embedded industry. They all seem to use a small number of commonly re-used Libraries that are riddled with holes. We teach firmware and hardware review and exploitation.